Bespoke Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Education and Personal Training

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"The Antenatal classes are great fun and have given me ideas of things to do at home. I really enjoyed the sessions and felt relaxed throughout. Good opportunity to meet other mums-to-be and ask questions."

"Thanks Kate, a great class and teacher - good physically as a motivator, and psychologically it was lovely to meet other mums, especially as a second-time mum new to the area."

"Good mix of exercise, raised heartbeat and gave me increased awareness of good posture throughout pregnancy. There is just the right amount of time for each part of the class and good to have time for visitors/discussions at the end."

"Really appreciated having a midwife perspective. I enjoyed the combination of high-energy aerobics & pilates-based exercises. I found the aerobics fun & felt the difference."

"The Postnatal 6 week course is excellent - great to get back into some exercise and for baby to be able to come too - is rare!"

"I started this class 6 weeks after having my baby, safe in the knowledge that as a midwife Kate wouldn't ask us to do anything we weren't capable of. The first week was fairly gentle and the classes got progressively tougher over the 6 weeks. It was really great to see how we were able to do more and more each week. I've also met a lovely group of mums and most of us have progressed onto the follow up classes. Kate is lovely, really friendly and supportive but also a great trainer. And the babies love having a snooze, playing on the mats or watching all the mums jump around."

"I couldn't wait to get back to exercising after having my little girl. Kate's 6 week postnatal course is a great way to get back in to exercise after having a baby! I really like that Kate is a midwife and trained specifically to teach exercise to post natal mums so I felt safe in safe hands! I liked the gradual progression over the 6 weeks and felt really ready to exercise again after the course. The absolute added bonus is having a cup of tea after and chatting to the other mummies about baby related topics! I have met some great mums from this class and many of whom carried on with me to do the buggy bootcamp too! When I started the class I set myself a target to lose a stone... I have now lost a stone and a half and weigh less than I did before I got pregnant! So I can highly recommend this class to any postnatal mummies! "
"This class is amazing! Kate is an inspirational instructor. She finds a way to push you towards the goals you set for yourself. I never dreamed of running a 10k, and through KMF Buggy Bootcamp I found the confidence and a friend to run it with!"

"A brilliant friendly way to exercise in the fresh air with your baby. Kate is such an inspirational trainer that you find yourself wanting to do press ups in public!!"

"I love Buggy Bootcamp! It's a great way to exercise outdoors (in all weathers!) as well as meet some really inspiring mummies. It's a great way to be able to exercise and do something for me but be able to take my little girl along too! I would definitely recommend KMF Buggy Bootcamp to any post natal mummies who want to get fit and meet some great girls! "
"321 is fantastic. It is like an hour's exercise packed into half an hour, which is always great for a busy mum! The classes are fast, furious and fun! Kate is a brilliant instructor and always keeps you motivated."

"I love Kate's 321 class. Great fun and makes me work harder than I have in years! I've never been so motivated to get fit, and I'm even developing some actual muscles! A great confidence booster."

"I started doing Kate's postnatal fitness course before moving onto Buggy Bootcamp and later 321. It was such a great way to get in shape again after having a baby and also meeting lots of other Mums going through the same thing. Kate is so motivational as she works you hard but at the same time we have a lot of fun! I'm probably doing more exercise now than I have in years and feeling a lot better for it! She's a great teacher."

"Body Blitz Bootcamp is so much fun! Kate is very motivational and helps you to succeed."

"Wow!! what a class, full on but only for a short time and you feel great after!! Recommend this for anyone."