Bespoke Antenatal and Postnatal Fitness Education and Personal Training

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Keep Mums Fit Buggy Bootcamp

Buggy Bootcamp is a great way to exercise with your babies. 
Join the fun for a variety of safe progressive exercises to increase your fitness.

week Buggy Bootcamp course £47 for 6 weeks 


- 6 week programme from 10th September  - 17th September  

- Attend up to two classes a week

MONDAYS & WEDNESDAYS at 10am, Millhouses Park

Meet at the far carpark, nearest the old Beauchief Hotel

*Minimum numbers apply for course to go ahead - please invite your friends.

 Both Kate and Shannon will coach you to reach your individual goals.
 As a team we will ensure you have fun progress your fitness safely and feel the benefits. 

This is a great class, effective and lots of fun, and one which I really enjoy teaching! 

If you have not previously attended my classes, you will be required to complete a simple health screening questionnaire the first time you attend, or prior to coming along.

As with all the classes, wear comfy clothes (suitable for the weather); trainers, a good supportive bra is essential and bring along water or juice and a towel and gloves. 

You do not need to have a special pram - often exercises are performed on the grass. Babies must be securely fastened in their pram throughout the session. Ensure you have eaten well before the class and if you bring your baby, make sure that they have eaten too!

Older children are welcome.....they love to join in!  and each get a sticker for being great sports. 

For more information see FAQ Postnatal